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Your home’s exterior and sidings is constantly exposed to the unforgiving North Carolina sun and other elements. Rain, wind, the occasional hurricane and snow can take a massive toll on the condition of your sidings causing it to deteriorate and reducing its lifespan.
If left untreated, your home’s sidings can become infested by moss, mold, algae, mildew, and different types of organic growth that will not only reduce your home’s curb appeal but also reduce it’s structural integrity which will lead to a lot of expensive repairs. 
Mold and mildew can also cause a variety of respiratory problems and allergic reactions, that’s why it is absolutely essential for your family’s well-being to immediately remove all traces of organic growth before it becomes a full-blown infestation.
Regular professional house washing is an investment on your property’s well-being. It is an integral part of property maintenance that is specifically designed to clean, restore, and protect your home’s sidings bringing back its appearance and also prolonging its life.
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From Start to Finish, Your Home is in Great Hands!

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House washing is designed to effectively remove all traces of stains, dirt, grime, and other surface contaminants to leave your home looking like new. Many of our Wilmington clients live in HOA’s or communities where exterior home maintenance is either required or expected year-round. Trusting a professional, 5-star company for your house washing and vinyl siding is one big item you can take off your list.

House washing requires specifically-designed equipment and professional knowledge to properly wash your home’s sidings without damaging your exterior surfaces. The traditional high-pressure washing method can cause unwanted water damage such as discoloration, cracked sidings and roof shingles, and broken windows. The answer to this is to use a low-pressure “Soft Washing” method that gently dispels water at the pressure of a garden hose. Soft washing allows us to be detailed, meticulous, and effective when treating your property with the care that it deserves. 

Completely Clean Power Washing is a locally-owned business based in Wilmington, North Carolina, giving us a greater understanding of the specific needs of property owners in the region, in order to customize our exterior cleaning approach to fit your property’s specific needs and your budget.

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From Start to Finish, Your Home is in Great Hands!


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From Start to Finish, Your Home is in Great Hands!

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From Start to Finish, Your Home is in Great Hands!

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